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Secrets in Keychain


At noon one day, I was at home alone for lunch break. I received a short message from my friends in wechat circle, to the effect that I would not accept the free key rings and other small items from the stall, so as to avoid being cheated. When I was going to work, I was wearing shoes at the door. I happened to find a blue key ring on the shoe cabinet, round and thin, with a contact number of the lock repair company on it. Is this the key ring on the Internet? With misgivings, I quietly held it in my hand, and the terrible scenes flashed in my mind. Recently, I also read some information about trackers. It is said that Keychain shaped trackers are very common. They can not only record records, but also track people's addresses and activities. Criminals can determine the targets of crimes from afar by using these materials. Ouch! one by one

How long has it been here? Who put it? Has it let out the secrets of our family Many terrible consequences make me at a loss. I also know that this little guy will upload voice to distant places. At this time, I thought of my second wife. Could she have brought her back?

The more I think about it, the more afraid I am. Hold it tightly in my hand, for fear that it will hear something again. Hold it tightly without saying a word. On the way to work, I just nodded when I met my acquaintances and laughed without saying anything. Finally, when I got to the office, Gao Feng was the only one who was looking at the computer. I gently went to him and showed him the key chain. I put it on my desk in the distance. Then I went to Gao Feng and said quietly, "this is a bug. This is the key chain that is free on the market. You see, there seems to be something in it: I also let Gao Feng speak quietly, In case it hears.

After we talked quietly about the tricks of cheaters on the Internet and in real life, I went to my desk and looked at this "dangerous" thing. I found a knife and pried it from the gap in the middle. I tried hard to pry open which wafer. Sure enough, there was a layer of black glue in it. I drew a few times with a knife, I plucked out a few thin copper wires like hair, which confirmed my judgment. It was a terrible eavesdropper, and all my thoughts just now were out of control. I used a knife to scratch, cut and tie freely on it to ease my inner pain and hatred, and then set up these "dead heads" to take photos. First, I wanted to tell my daughter-in-law what she had done, Second, people who want to put it on the Internet to warn their circle of friends. Then I throw part of them into the garbage can, and part of them into other places. I'm afraid they will all be thrown into the garbage can, and they will be combined to harm people.

After that, I rang my wife's phone, pretending nothing happened, and asked her angrily: "whose key ring is placed at our door?" Which is the 8 on the door of our unit? "I once again described the color and shape of the key ring. She said that she was right. At this time, I looked like a deflated balloon wilted." what are you asking? "I hesitated and said:" I accidentally broke it: "it doesn't matter, I don't use it often." she said softly, J, do you have anything else? period.

Later, how did the second wife deal with me? How did I tell you the truth? Let's imagine this! After such a spiritual "baptism", I am happy. This is a joke of mine. I want to record it and share it with you. I hope you are happy too. Maybe you can get some inspiration.

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